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Classically Inspired Business Cards
La Crème dela Crème of Business Cards

In a world increasingly full of mass-produced items, bespoke articles and craftsmanship have become coveted, if not aspirational. Business cards are no exception. Luxury business cards can reflect your personality and make a statement about your uniqueness, so why choose plain, ordinary cards when you can opt for a sophisticated way to leave a memorable first impression.

At Jukebox, we take pride in our remarkable expertise to pursue the extraordinary when it comes to printing processes and rich paper. Our luxury business cards are handcrafted and painstakingly examined, making sure that every detail is perfect. And we put the same care into selecting our papers from the finest paper mills in the world – from timeless and soft-to-the-touch cotton stock to the iconic, elegant yet playful Colorplan line.

We offer a staggering selection of specialty options that go beyond traditional printing processes. For the ultimate in luxury choose our rich 3D Embossed, Foil, and Premium Black business cards – the exceptional result of our state-of-the-art machinery combined with our skilled craftsmanship, appreciated by customers around the world.

Embossed Business Cards

It’s not an overstatement when we say that we are the first to offer utterly innovative embossed printing. This complex method offers a stunning textured effect that can be produced on a wide variety of our paper stock and in combination with other printing methods such as foil and letterpress. Echoing the modernization of past eras, Embossing is perfect for a classic design re-imagined.

Foil Business Cards

Our foil business cards are the ultimate indulgence for those who love the splendour of reflective metallics. From a chic and sophisticated touch, like gold on cotton paper, to bold and flashy metallic on black stock, foil is the ultimate glamorous accent that will make even the most intricate detail stand out. Whether you choose muted colours or edgier hues and metallic finishes, foil business cards are designed to be eye-catching.

Premium Black Business Cards

From fashion to graphic design, it’s no secret that black never goes out of style. And for downright stylish business cards nothing beats our elegant and sophisticated Premium Black business cards. In four unique paper options, including a smooth black suede-like texture, our most luxurious card stock is worthy of the most exclusive brands.

If you are on the hunt for new business cards with maximum impact for a memorable first impression, it’s hard to think of anything better than our luxurious offerings. With expertise gained through years of supporting customers in over 100 countries, and with offices inVancouverandToronto, our corporate accounts team will be pleased to provide personalized attention and the highest level of service.